DTA logoCelebrating excellence in the field of geomatics in Canada, the David Thompson National Geomatics Award was introduced in the winter of 2006-2007. The program was developed to recognize projects that exemplify the innovation and contribution to society that surveyors  make every day to bring successful projects about for the betterment of all Canadians.

Named after David Thompson, an explorer and surveyor who almost single-handedly mapped Canada’s vast, unknown interior 200 years ago, these awards represent the pinnacle of work.

Who is eligible:

  • A commissioned surveyor who was directly involved in the project being submitted may make a submission
  • Furthermore, commissioned Surveyors must be members of the Canadian association that represents the jurisdiction of their commission
  • A project that was completed within the last three (3) years shall be considered eligible for an award
  • Candidates may select more than one category on the Candidate Submission Form regarding suitability of their submission.

Who can nominate:

  • All commissioned surveyors in Canada can nominate a surveyor whose work they feel was outstanding.

This year there are two categories in which you can submit applications:

1. Challenging Cadastral Survey Project

2. Challenging Non Cadastral Survey Project


The next award will be presented to winner during the upcoming National Surveyors Conference.

Deadline for submissions annually: March 1st.